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Project Title: N5

The problem:

The client wanted us to conduct a CCTV Drainage Survey, and to understand how much Remedial Works was required on their property’s drainage system.
After the initial CCTV Drainage Survey was made, we recommended that the overall Drainage system appeared to be in a good condition with very few defects noted.
CCTV runs showed 3 sections having slight Cracking, a Displaced Joint and Root Growth which could all be easily rectified.
There are some internal Manholes that we were not able to access directly, however we were able to survey through them to complete the survey, noting any joint/laterals.

Work involved:

  • CCTV Survey Condition Report
  • Approximate Drainage Layout Plan

What we did?

This project required 2 visits:

Number of Runs Surveyed: 3
Run 1 Length: Main Sewer, finish survey at 23.45m
Run 2 Length: Rain Water Gully, finish survey at 0.75m
Run 3 Length: Rain Water Gully, finish survey at 0.40m
Few issues were noted with the condition of the system, however, there appears to be a large displaced joint, possibly a dropped pipe, within Run 2 at 0.75m. There is also slight cracking at the start of the run, at 0.45m. Run 3 is also showing a slight crack at 0.20m from the Manhole

The second visit was required only to survey a foul pipe from the SVP.