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Manhole Repairs

1) Manhole Repairs:

We can replace and repair manholes and chambers of all types and sizes.

Why does my manhole need to be replaced?

  • Aged manholes
  • Subsidence, which may have caused the benching to crack and break, can cause blockages
  • Sunken manholes
  • Cracked or broken covers or frame; causing a trip or fall hazard
  • Unsealed manhole frames
  • Manhole that no longer comply with regulations and standards

What services do we offer?

  • Manhole Cover and Frame Replacement.
  • Manhole Chamber rebuild or replacement.
  • Manhole Re-Benching.
  • Manhole re-levelling or re-bedding
  • Interceptor repair or replacement.

If you have a damaged drainage manhole within your property boundary then it is likely your responsibility to have it repaired and maintained. If you believe it serves more than one property, for example your neighbours, it may be the responsibility of the local water authority, such as Thames Water. If you are unsure, please call us and we will help you confirm whose responsibility it is.

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