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Lining & Excavation Repairs

1) Lining Repairs

Drain Lining is a non-intrusive repairs method to repair pipes without digging them up. It uses a liner which his layered with a special resin which hardens with the existing pipe to form a new structure.

  • For cracks, displaced Joints, and minor root growth.
  • Low Cost, cheaper than digging and replacing pipes.
  • No dig technology, no need to cause a mess or divert services.
  • Quick installation, usually within 1 day.
  • Long lasting repair.

2) Excavation Repairs

Excavation repairs are only used when Lining repairs or drain clean is not enough to sort the problem.

  • Pipe is old or in poor condition.
  • Pipe has collapsed or is badly broken.
  • There are several leaks throughout the pipe.
  • Costs starting from £325+VAT

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