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High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting (or HPWJ for short) is a highly compressed and concentrated pressurised water jet which is blasted out of a small nozzle. It can be used to cut through virtually any material.

HPWJ is also known by many other names in and out of the industry such as; hydro-blasting or water-cutting. It is used in a wide variety of industries for many purposes because it is a highly effective, powerful and precise process.

Drain-Spec uses high-pressure water jetting equipment. The equipment produces 3,000 psi of water pumping at eight gallons per minute. This powerful water jet is very effective at clearing blockages and cleaning the inside of a drain.

We have specially trained engineers so that the work carried out  is completed with the same meticulous precision that the high-pressure jet offers, all the while focusing on the health and safety requirements.

Working with equipment of such precision is something our specially trained teams are well equipped to do.

High pressure water jetting is used for the removal of various debris and substances found within, around or attached to drain, sewer and process pipes. Capable of removing rust and scale, resins, chemical residues, and paint.  As well as breaking up and removing concrete and rubble. The high pressure allows us to operate in a fast, efficient and precise manner to restore flow back to its optimum level.

Overview of the ‘High Pressure Water Jetting’ services we provide:

  • De-scaling pipes
  • Tank cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • De-scaling drains and sewers
  • Floor preparation
  • Removal of obstructions including silt, scale, debris and foreign objects.
  • Our special water jets can also be used for removal of Root ingress.

Our engineers can provide one-off visits for emergency unblocking or regular visits for drain cleaning contracts. We can provide electro-mechanical cleaning for corroded drainage systems, and full relining services where repairs are needed.

The technology whilst simple offers an environmentally friendly and stable solution to many underground sewer and drainage problems, along with process engineering pipework de-scaling.

What are the benefits?

Offering a cost-effective and fast solution to your drainage needs, high pressure water jetting provides vast benefits to those with particularly sensitive time-frames to work to, or to those working on a tight budget. The highly trained Drain-Spec engineers operate around your needs and your schedule anywhere in the UK to deliver this effective and efficient service, restoring flow …. fully, on time and within budget.